About me and my work

            Hi, my name is Nyuta. I live in Ukraine in beautiful city Kharkiv with my husband, son, doggy and cat. I make colorful, elegant and natural jewelry.

I've loved handmade things all my life, but only when was born my son I discovered my love to crochet and knit. 

In my shop "EjaEjovna" you can find nursing and teething necklaces for new moms. My nursing necklaces are totally natural necklaces, a must-have for every mom or just for those who loves nature and everything natural. Other my jewellery is simple elegant and lovely. Perfect for everyday wearing.

In summer 2013 I've opened new shop with hats and accessories "ShopLaLune". All crocheted and knitted items in this shop I make myself with love and care for you, my friend Lena also knitted and crochet with me, and my friend Marina make all sewn items! Welcome to see our shop - ShopLaLune:)

In this blog I'll write about my shops and works, about my favorite shops and more other information interesting for me.

You can find me here:

I love Instagram  and post everyday to Instagram - www.instagram.com/anyuta_bird

Pinterest - www.pinterest.com/yanuta.

Thank you for your visit!
Nyuta :)

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