Monday, September 14, 2015

Grey knit hat

Want to share with you new hat for autumn and winter weather. This hat is totally warm and natural! We use only natural materials : merino wool and real fur pompon.

              Grey knit hat with fur pom pom, Pompom hat, Winter hat 

This light grey color will be perfect accessory for any outfit. This hat made to order in next 7-10 days, so you can order in other color you prefer.


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  1. It looks pretty, but real fur is the biggest turn off for me, sorry.

  2. Very adorable, but like Dina, fur is something I avoid.

  3. First photo is absolutely great!
    Fur I don't do either :-)

  4. It looks really cool! I like the fur details :)
    And the photos look amazing btw!

  5. Beautiful, alas agreeing with the others, maybe you should make a nice wool pompom :)