Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shop mipluseddesign

I love illustrated goods - notebooks, brooches, pictures and more and more :)

Want to share with you beautiful and stylish shop mipluseddesign 
Shop owner is Mirta from Milan, Italy. She is talented desigher! Everything in this shop Mirta makes is part of a limited series.
You can find handmade notebooks, travel journals, pocket notebooks, sketchbooks, prints, wall art, mini card sets, hand printed illustrations, illustrated brooches, hand printed tea towels and more.
All designs are eco-friendly. Materials used are recycled paper, organic cotton and no toxic inks.

You can find more works here:

 Hand Drawn Christmas Card, Mistletoe Card in black and white with kraft envelope, OOAKIllustrated Wooden Brooch Round Brooch with Plant Illustration Minimalist Brooch PinNursery Wall Art with Inspirational Quote, Botanical Illustration in Green and BlueNotebook Journal with Succulent Pattern in Green, Gardening Journal, School Notebook

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