Friday, March 22, 2013

About "Eja Ejovna" and me - interview

Friday is my day: Eja Ejovna

by karuski on March 22, 2013
Dear readers,
Today’s Friday post is the last one from me, Tatiana from ILaBoom will hop in so fear not, these beautiful features will continue for sure.
I’m happy to introduce you Nuta from Eja Ejovna who crochets some of the sweetest accessories!

teething crocheted necklace by EjaEjovna

My name is Anna, but my mommy calls me Nuta, and I like it *smile*. I live in Ukraine in a beautiful city of Kharkov, with my husband, son and catty.

I have loved handmade things all my life, but only when was born my son I discovered my love to crochet and knit. I make things that are natural jewelry for mom and natural toy for little ones, and beautiful elegant jewelry for everyday wearing. I begin my day by visual inspirations from my family, nature and my little son! He is my big and happy inspiration in all my life!
I wake up at 9 AM. By this time my hubby has already gone to work, so that’s why I’m with my son to take breakfast. Then I go to the computer and check my e-mails, Etsy shop etc.

Then we run to go outside. Usually our walk takes 1.5 – 2 hours. We live not so far from the airport and every day we go to look airplanes and walk with our friends. Today is a beautiful sunny day!

Around 1 – 2 PM we eat and then I start to work. As usually I draw on paper how the final piece will look, select colors and yarns. I start to crochet with all my love to this. One necklace takes me 1 – 2 days. Then I work with custom orders or go to the post office.
At 5 – 6 PM our daddy comes home and we spend the evening together.
I believe in making individual jewelry for moms and babies to enjoy every day and have fun together, for women and girls to feel beautiful by wearing them every day!

Eja Ejovna’s Etsy shop

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